It’s the mask’s fault

12 people were slaughtered not 60 miles from my house last night. 59 more were injured by a deluge of bullets – several of whom are still fighting to survive in Denver hospitals right now. The bullets were fired by a 24-year-old fuck head whose motives don’t matter. He was dressed in riot gear and opened fire on a packed house of people watching the newest Batman premier. He used tear gas, a shotgun, an AR-15 and a Glock. It’s being reported that the murderer apparently dropped out of CU’s neuroscience PhD program. He also wired his apartment with bombs.

It’s the largest mass shooting in our history. And that’s saying something. We know this because we treat it like a record worth noting, because we keep score.

I remember Columbine. I remember Ft. Hood, and Gabby Gifford, and Virginia Tech, and so what. How about UT-Austin circa August 1966? The beat goes on. Same as it ever was.

We’ve become a country good at two things – breeding greed and madmen. We’re a country run by two peoples – rednecks and the rich who prey on them.

The NRA will probably be here next week to dance on the fresh graves of the dead. Same as it ever was.

The anti-gun lobby spends $240k a year. The NRA spends $2.4 million by itself. Would we have it any other way?

A Texas redneck Republican representative – same as it ever was – said someone should’ve been packing heat to take the gunman out. I remember a coworker several years ago saying how we should arm select grade school kids because it’d make schools safer.

Many movie theaters have banned moviegoers from wearing costumes, because that’s important. They won’t ban people from carrying weapons, because that would be against the law. The gun nuts will come out of the woodworks talking about the 2nd Amendment, millions strong, eleven teeth between them. Tommy has a gun – I don’t like Tommy, so I’ll get a bigger gun. We’re in an arms race with our neighbors who are obviously as paranoid as we are.

I’m sure Republicans will latch on to the fact this gunman was studying for a PhD, because smart people are dangerous. They won’t blame lax gun laws – but they will line their pockets with another deposit from the gun lobby’s teat.

I’m watching network and cable news like a junky, coverage of “the Massacre in Theater Nine” (dignified) and every other commercial is from an energy firm; BP advertising for the Gulf it almost destroyed, followed by another energy company telling us how natural gas drilling isn’t harmful to the environment as “fracking” continues to poison our water, or how coal is really super clean. Just ask its miners. This somehow fits – money over safety.

Around 10,000 people are murdered by guns every year in ‘Merica. Clockwork.

How long until the next gunman attacks?  I’ll bet Las Vegas already has odds. How much do you want to bet? You can rest assured the gun lobby will see that bet and raise. They do every time. Same as it ever was.

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