Oh, those Neo-Cons…

In 2004, Dutch filmmaker Theo van Gogh was murdered after making an anti-Islamic movie. Not long after, Dutch cartoonist Karl Westergaard drew Muhammad wearing a bomb in a turban, leading to death threats (and his own panic room) as well as riots in the Middle East.

And now a group of bigots from America have decided to enter the fray with a film of their own – the consequences of which are far reaching.

This B-rate movie apparently depicts Islam and the prophet Muhammad as both corruptible and evil, and was made in the United States by a pissed-off Coptic Christian with a shady past; he was convicted for bank fraud/fake check writing in 2010, and who was until this week using a pseudonym while claiming to be Israeli-born.  Apparently this “Sam Bacile” – whose real name is Nakoula Basseley Nakoula – worked with a guy Steve Klein to make this movie. Klein is an ex-Marine tied to extreme Christian right wing hate groups who trains people in Southern California militia-style.

This film was endorsed by Pastor Terry Jones in Florida, the same person who decided burning Qurans on the 9th anniversary of 9/11 was a good idea. This film, destined to be yet another of the thousands of forgotten films made weekly in the US, somehow gets just enough hype to catch the eye of hypersensitive Muslims in the Middle East. It allegedly became yet another convenient flashpoint for misguided anti-American sentiment amongst Islamic extremists within a region still reeling from the ramifications of the Arab Spring.

And, right on cue, a few of these extremist Muslim crazies responded with their typical, butt hurt aplomb by enacting the usual process –  1) with excuse in hand, rile up still disaffected youth, 2) pick up all potential projectiles, and 3) throw them at closest American.

That’s how things went down in Cairo. Meanwhile, in Libya…This flare up apparently provided a splinter group of Al Qaeda the impetus and cover to carry out plans to attack the American Embassy in Benghazi on the anniversary of 9/11. 4 Americans are dead, including Chris Stevens, our US Ambassador who played a part in helping topple Gadhafi’s regime. Now 2 US warships are on their way to the Mediterranean.

Somehow, I think Nakoula and friends got exactly what they wanted. And they’re not alone – because now you have the straw-grasping Republicans jumping on the American Super Christian Exceptional-ist bandwagon anew!  

Romney the Manchurian criticized a tweet made by the US Embassy in Cairo as being apologist to terrorists, and then faulted the White House as if the Embassy and the President’s press office are one in the same. This salvo was fired despite the fact that the tweet in question came out several hours before either Embassy was attacked. The tweet – which The State Department rejected but Cairo Embassy PR Officer Larry Schwartz posted anyway- was an apparent attempt at self-preservation by people WHO WERE ACTUALLY FUCKING THERE to try and calm a gathering storm. In an interview with Telemundo last night, President Obama was rightfully unconcerned about the tweet given the context of what was happening on the ground, and said he cuts people under siege a little slack. The funny thing to me is the tweet wasn’t apologist. If anything it was a reaffirmation of American values – “…Americans are honoring our patriots and those who serve our nation as the fitting response to the enemies of democracy. Respect for religious beliefs is a cornerstone of American democracy. We firmly reject the actions by those who abuse the universal right of free speech to hurt the religious beliefs of others.”

But Romney has no room for facts – or for context, or a map, or a clock. Romney saw that Americans had died and assumed this mountain-from-a-molehill tweet came directly from Obama’s people, in Libya, after Ambassador Stevens and 3 others were murdered. He was wrong on all accounts. But that doesn’t matter- he continued to berate the President at a time when we should be showing a unified front. What does this tell us about Romney? He’s a selfish, clueless, petty, power-mongering windbag? Well, yes, of course, and more too.

Here we have an ex-Governor running for the office of the Leader of the Free World – and he can’t even get a fucking timeline right. Conservatives are backing this guy to make key policy decisions? This is a child who thinks Russia is our #1 threat – like “Red Dawn” is going to become reality any day now and that Jesus will rise again in the form of Patrick Swayze and save us. Combined with his love of Reagan and deregulation – and his legion of dated, really bad suits – Romney’s actually trying to recreate the 1980s. It’s in this vein of delusion that he continues missing the point, still doubling down on attacking Obama over a misinterpreted tweet! He’s sticking to the warpath like a good little Neo-Con playing straight from the Rove-turned-Palin playbook; be wrong, look stupid, hit rock bottom and keep digging…Anything but admit you were wrong – because to admit you were wrong is not a sign of being a reasonable adult, but a sign of weakness. Just keep on spouting bullshit loud and often, so long as you’re consistent! Shit on facts – facts are for pussies! Win, win, win at all costs – even if you lose, call it a win. That’s the Neo-Romney way!

President Obama responded to Romney’s foolish attacks as you’d expect – by staying within his omnipresent cool and firing right on target, aptly noting Romney shoots first and aims later. Even Sen. John McCain, along with many prominent Republicans in and out of the beltway, are smart enough to realize there’s no reason to attack Obama; at the same time, they’re openly wondering what the fuck Romney is thinking.

Does this not perfectly sum up all you needed to know about Romney’s foreign policy credentials? To date, he’s offered no plan, no specifics (or tax returns for that matter), no substance or depth at all on foreign policy or anything else in general…But it doesn’t matter because he’s consistent! He wants to keep some of Obama-care, wait, strike that, repeal it all, even though he had an extremely similar plan in Massachusetts years ago when he was hired – er, elected – as Governor. But yes, remember, Romney’s consistent! Right?

The only thing consistent about Romney is that he’s a flip-flopping figurehead for the privileged who’s obviously way out of his league. Can you imagine what would’ve have happened if Romney were President during such an event?

Let’s hope we never find out.  

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