Epic Winning

The GOP took us to the brink again and finally paid for it.  And we made them pay. Liberals/Progressives/Democrats did something we didn’t do enough of in 2004 or in 2010 – show up. Now we have a decisive victory to show for it – this is THE MANDATE. You don’t win in former GOP-strongholds-turned-toss ups like Virginia, Colorado, Nevada and FLORIDA (and almost North Carolina) – TWICE! – without understanding how the times have changed. The vote had more women, more minorities (gasp!), and more young people come together to overthrow dinosaur Boomers. We have moved forward.

We not only won but trounced the conservatives by adding to our margin in the Senate against many odds, we gained in the House, and Obama swept the big 3 factors by winning the most states, the popular vote and the Electoral College by nearly 130 delegates. Was it a Reagan vs. Mondale Landslide? No. Was it a LBJ vs. Goldwater landslide? No – from early estimates, I compare this election to Bush-Kerry in 2004. As a result we’ll now have our third consecutive two-term President, two of which have been on our side of the fence. Speaking of – somebody please give Bill Clinton a cigar.

The GOP no longer has a choice – they must come to the table, and be made to beg for scraps. Okay, maybe not to that extreme as I’m being spiteful. But they have to do so in a manner which may finally – FINALLY, after nearly 16 years of unfettered pandering, brinkmanship-psychotic backward governing – make them admit the fact that the country has moved on without them. Yes they have the House; but for how long? It’s something we’ll have to rectify in 2014 (I know, too early – we should savor this win in the moment – but I think it best we liberals finally grow up and embrace the constant campaign, like it or not).  We have the resources and the “ground game” to do it. The GOP just showed that no matter how much Adelson, Trump and the Koch Brothers et al threw into the election, that a well-coordinated 50-state campaign can beat Citizens United after all. Obstructionism be damned.

Maybe I’m too giddy. Maybe I shouldn’t have been laughing at Romney’s pinched face during his very short, “get me out of here” concession speech (when you’re that entitled and aren’t just handed the Presidency, it must come as such an ego shock). Yet after all the hand wringing, all the self-fulfilling talk of Mitt-Mentum, all the blatant conservative vitriol, their overconfidence, their snide-ass fake self-assurance, and especially all the lies that seemed to compound each larger than the last…But we won.

Four more years, and more power in Congress – let’s make the best of it.

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